The head of the RN list Jordan Bardella and Gabriel Attal debated on Thursday May 23 on France 2, two weeks before the European elections. The Prime Minister attacked the RN’s positions on Europe.

Two different visions of Europe. Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella, big favorite in the European elections of June 9, debated at length this Thursday, May 23, on France 2. If the two political leaders opposed many subjects such as “national priority”, immigration or again Ukraine, the Prime Minister denounced the reversals of the National Rally on the subject of Europe and called on his opponent to explain himself.

“The RN’s method is to say: ‘we are against everything’ and in five or ten years if we realize that we have made a mistake, we say that we have changed our minds”, launched Gabriel Attal. “You oppose everything we do!”, he assured. “Why did you change your mind? Explain to us,” questioned the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister then launched into a list of several examples which, according to him, contradict the proposals of the far-right party in 2024. From the return to the franc, to the exit from the European Union via Frexit , Gabriel Attal asked his interlocutor to explain himself. 

“10 years ago, in 2017, you defended the exit from the euro. Fortunately Marine Le Pen did not win because otherwise we would no longer be in the Euro zone… In 2022, you defended the exit from the European energy market. Can you explain these changes to the French? he asked Jordan Bardella.

“The question is, ‘When were you lying?’ Then or today?” asked the Prime Minister. “Stay elegant,” replied the head of the National Rally list. Accusations that Jordan Bardella has brushed aside. “It’s false,” he defended himself, explaining that in this campaign, it “does not correspond to the project that (he) is carrying,” he added.  “Even five years ago, I did not defend Frexit,” retorted the president of the RN without arguing.