PRIME DAY IPHONE. Prime Day is back in July 2023. And since Amazon became an Apple reseller, there are always one or two good deals on iPhone models or accessories…

Prime Day 2023 is back and the discounts reserved for Amazon subscribers also apply to Apple products. This Tuesday July 11 and Wednesday July 12, official dates of Prime Day, the iPhone will be particularly scrutinized, as every year, but also the Apple Watch and other AirPods so appreciated by fans of the apple brand.

Prime Day is not strictly speaking the commercial operation that comes to break the price of iPhones each year (is there at least one?). But since 2018 and the agreement between Amazon and Apple to resell “designed in Cupertino” products, there are still some great opportunities around mid-July.

Here are the iPhone models we think could get some Prime Day discounts and the best prices currently showing at retailers.

Prime Day therefore remains a good opportunity to look for the iPhone on sale. Apple’s phone is usually highly sought after during this period thanks to exclusive offers from giant Amazon. These can also concern the iPhone as well as other Apple products such as AirPods headphones, but also Apple Watch connected watches. Find the various promotions for Prime Day on the iPhone and other Apple devices.

Latest iPhone model to date, the iPhone 14 should not see its price drop drastically during this Prime Day at Amazon. It nevertheless has a few months on the clock (almost a year) and sales remain at a mixed level. Before the release of the iPhone 15, some resellers could therefore be tempted to sell stocks. Here are some prices to watch during the two days of Prime Day.

As during the sales, which also extend during Prime Day this year, the iPhone 13 is likely to display some bargain prices. Even with nearly two years of life, the firm’s phone still benefits from high-end services. The iPhone 13 is even very often considered Apple’s most successful phone. It is available in four versions: classic, mini, pro and pro max.

The iPhone 12 may not be the latest model from the Apple brand, but it has the advantage of always being less expensive over the years. Prime Day has already offered Amazon subscribers several offers in recent editions. And if no specific offer concerns the iPhone 12 during this Prime Day 2023, we will always find a way to catch up: the phone is very often on sale at several other merchants at very attractive prices.

Last year, it was the only Apple model on sale for Amazon Prime Day: the iPhone 11 had then lost nearly 100 euros compared to its initial price and was displayed below the symbolic bar of 500 euros! A nice price that made it, during Prime Day, one of the most accessible iPhones. As a reminder, the iPhone 11 is still a great phone today, and will benefit from updates from Apple for many years to come.

Another Apple product affected by Prime Day last year: the Apple Watch Series 7 had also seen its price drop on several of its models and colors. This time, we are counting a lot on an effort from Amazon on the Apple Watch Series 8 released last fall. This model will allow you to enjoy your watch, wherever you are, and without having your iPhone nearby.

Other versions of the Apple Watch may also qualify for Amazon Prime Day promotions. The GPS-only models (which therefore require your phone nearby) have nice discounts that make them much more affordable.

The other connected watch affected by Prime Day is the Apple Watch SE. This inexpensive version of the famous Apple watch should also take advantage of the event to further reduce its price. The Apple Watch SE in GPS version was displayed last year at 254 euros, which was already an excellent price! We can’t wait to see the price offered this year.

Note that these promotions are for a limited time from Tuesday July 11 00:00 to Wednesday July 12 23:59 while stocks last. Prime Day deals are only available to members with an Amazon Prime subscription. Do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to Prime Day 2023 to find out how to subscribe for free and take advantage of all the promotions offered.