The arrival of Apex Legends Season 16 has profoundly changed the established order in the Battle Royale world. So much so that a new meta took shape, pushing some unexpected legends to the top.

Season 16 of Apex Legends, aptly named Holidays, brought a lot of change to the famous Battle Royale which is celebrating its four years. You could almost jump in and call this new arrival of content the second chapter of the game’s story. in balancing, that the very face of the FPS is found to be profoundly changed. As a result, the “meta scan”, worn for almost 2 years by Bloodhound then by Seer, essential for their abilities allowing you to literally see through walls, is over. And we’re not going to mourn her. Here is our tier-list of Legends during Apex Legends Season 16.

Alone on the top step of the podium for the first time in the game’s history, Bangalore has really found her mark since the start of Season 16. Benefiting from the new Assault class passive, she can very quickly equip herself in early and mid-game, and store plenty of ammo, both for her and her allies. But what makes it a real threat today is the fall of the two scan legends, Seer and Bloodhound, hit by titanic (and deserved) nerfs, legends that totally counter Bangalore’s kit. Today, Bangalore is extremely versatile, offering incredible defensive and offensive options thanks to its smoke and ultimate. A word of advice, equip yourself with a submachine gun with a threat detector, a sight that should be easy to find in your assault crates.

Season 16 also brought two player-favorite legends back to life. Both Pathfinder and Wraith have had significant ups to their ultimates, and where their class passive, Skirmish, doesn’t do much for Wraith, it synergizes extremely with Pathfinder who can afford to repeatedly spam ziplines, travel the map at full speed, and thus join fights in a favorable position. For Wraith, it’s the length of its portal that makes it a great asset in combat. Valkyrie hasn’t undergone any changes with the arrival of Season 16, but her kit is so powerful that she’ll probably never drop below an A rating. extremely offensive options thanks to a permanently available ultimate.

The B rating corresponds to champions who are quite viable, but who fail to pass their heads and shoulders above their little comrades. And since Apex Legends is a relatively balanced game, this category could largely encompass all of the remaining Legends in its catalog. But fortunately, we have had enough to separate some legends from others since the beginning of season 16. Let’s start with the most obvious, the Support legends, all grouped in this category. For what ? Well their new passive to resurrect allies even after their banner expires. An extremely strong asset allowing you to start a complex game on a better basis. Lifeline also got a little boost to the frequency and speed of her ultimate, in addition to her access to support chests, adding even more utility to an already very versatile character. She would almost join Loba in terms of loot access.

Catalyst joins this tier largely thanks to the drop of scannable legends, the ones that made his ultimate completely useless. Fuse and Ashe remain very solid options for aggressive players, while Newcastle and Gibraltar dominate the battlegrounds when it comes to securing an aggressive push, or preventing the death of their comrades. Crypto meanwhile was the only Scanned Legend untouched by the arrival of Season 16, benefiting greatly from instant scans of enemy positions on the map using his drone.

The most surprising thing about this tier C is the presence of Bloodhound and Seer, who come down from their Olympus to visit ordinary mortals. Seer’s immense passive nerfs make him a much less essential ally, making it much more difficult to pinpoint his tactical ability. Same for Bloodhound who saw his ultimate literally murdered to be replaced by one of the most useless passives in the history of Apex Legends: the white crows. For the two legends, on the other hand, it is out of the question to join tier D, so strong are the scans, however spaced out, in Apex Legends.

For Caustic, Wattson, and Rampart, the rating may seem harsh, especially when you consider that they are legends capable of scanning future areas. While they will undoubtedly be essential in high-level games and on the ALGS stage, they remain quite weak in ranked games for the average dead, against an extremely aggressive meta carried by Bangalore, Pathfinder, Mad Maggie and their comrades. Mirage has meanwhile taken several ups that make him viable for the first time since time immemorial. Vantage is still a great asset to your team, but her position as a sniper in a submachine gun/Nemesis meta leaves her uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Revtane players, we had to find something to populate Tier D of this list. The rating is harsh, and does not at all reflect the potential of these two legends, three with Horizon, extremely aggressive. We told you above, today, no legend deserves tier D in Apex, especially after the excellent balancing of season 16. But Revenant and Octane both have such disappointing ultimates that they can hardly place themselves more high in this list. As for Horizon, the mid-gravitational hit accuracy nerf hit its viability on keyboard mouse hard, while the assault rifle hipfire accuracy nerf hit its controller viability a lot .