Certain vehicles can reduce taxes a little more, in addition to traditional mileage costs.

The tax return form has dozens and dozens of various boxes to fill out. Fortunately, not everything has to be completed by every taxpayer. Each line corresponds to a specific point which is not common to all French people. Among them, many allow you to reduce the amount of final tax paid to the State thanks to your vehicle. If the best known system is that of mileage fees, there is another from which thousands of motorists will be able to benefit.

For several years, the trend has been towards the design and sale of new cars that consume less fuel, or even completely created to drive without using the slightest drop of diesel or unleaded. A new recipe thanks to an energy source that is on the rise: electricity. Electric cars are booming in France, to the point that the number of purchases has increased by 37% in 2023, with 1.5 million vehicles of this type sold across the country.

But who says electric car, says battery and says, thus, recharging. For this, specific terminals are increasingly installed in parking spaces, in car parks but also at service stations. But it is also possible to have one installed at home. The operation has a cost: between 500 and 2500 euros. A check whose amount can be reduced.

In fact, the tax authorities offer 300 euros of tax reduction for the installation of a charging station at your home. More precisely, the amount corresponds to 75% of the total expense, but cannot exceed 300 euros. However, taking into account the cost of a terminal of this type, the reduction is, in the vast majority of cases, 300 euros.

If, between January 1 and December 31, 2023, you had one installed, don’t forget to mention it in your tax return. To do this, you must follow the following steps when filling out the form. At the start of your declaration, when the page “Select below the sections you wish to appear”, you must check the box: “Reductions and tax credits: donations, childcare costs, home employment , union dues, compensatory benefits, etc.”

After clicking “Next” several times, the “Your charges” page appears. Here, you must enter, in box 7ZQ (if this concerns your main residence) or 7ZS (if this concerns your secondary residence), the amount entered on your invoice. The calculation, then the reduction, then applies automatically. At the end of your declaration, on the “Summary of your declaration” page, you can check that this has been taken into account by clicking on “Consult the calculation details”, in the “Tax reductions” line.

The tax reduction applies for one terminal per person and per house. In the case of a joint declaration, two terminals can be installed per home and the reduction therefore goes from 300 to 600 euros. According to a count kept by Enedis, 317,272 people installed a charging station for their electric car at their home in 2023.