Your car will be much easier to clean if you use this little trick.

If there is one thing on which motorists are unanimous, it is that the trouble begins when the time for the big cleaning has come. If washing the exterior, bodywork, headlights or rims, is a bit tedious, it’s nothing compared to cleaning the interior. The interior of a car is a veritable nest of dirt. Dirt, leaves, dust, crumbs, hair… Everything goes in and stays there! On, under and between the seats, on and under the floor mats, in each small storage compartment, in the trunk, on the dashboard, the gear lever, the rear shelf, in the glove box… Dirt accumulates over the days and gets embedded absolutely everywhere.

It is obviously possible to avoid this thankless task by entrusting the cleaning to a specialized company. But not everyone can afford to spend several dozen euros to have an impeccable car. For motorists, the vacuum cleaner is the best weapon for removing all the impurities accumulated inside a car. Problem, and you have probably already noticed it, a traditional vacuum cleaner does not allow access to all the nooks and crannies of the passenger compartment. Very quickly, the little cleaning session can turn into a nightmare and end with a disappointing result.

So what do you do? If your vacuum cleaner does not have specific accessories to fit into the smallest spaces, it is possible to make one in a matter of seconds. To do this, simply take the cardboard cylinder from a paper towel roll and crush the end so that it takes the shape of a slot. Then, fit the round part of the cardboard tube into the vacuum cleaner hose and that’s it. Your homemade nozzle will be able to get into all the hard-to-reach parts and vacuum up the dirt scattered in every corner of the car.

This tip makes vacuuming the passenger compartment of a vehicle less laborious and much more efficient. Think about it the next time you want to clean your car: a simple tube of paper towels can help you get rid of even the most inaccessible dirt. And incidentally, you won’t have to pull out your hair during the next big cleaning of your car.