There are things no one should really do on an airplane. And no, we’re not talking about taking your phone out of airplane mode… Come on, we bet you’ve done those 3 things already?

That the smartphone should remain in airplane mode during the flight, everyone knows. And it’s best to stay strapped in when the lights are flashing, too. But there are even more things to avoid during a flight. And we’re sure you haven’t even thought about it… Here are the 3 things you shouldn’t do on a plane in 2023:

Order tea or coffee. A refreshing drink during the flight can’t hurt – or maybe it can? As long as it’s not tea or coffee, you can enjoy your drink in peace. But why should passengers avoid these drinks? A New York University study advises against consuming them for the following reason: tap water tested in some US airlines contained pathogenic E.coli bacteria, suggesting insufficient cleaning of water tanks . Either way: To be on the safe side, go for bottled drinks.

Use seat pockets and shelves. It continues (unfortunately) on an unsavory note: the seat pockets and the tables are certainly very practical, but they are far from being hygienic. Indeed, the cleaning teams do not always have enough time to thoroughly clean each table. We will only say one thing: there are passengers who put diapers in the seat pockets or use the table to put their feet while they paint their nails… Tip: always put a packet of disinfectant wipes in your hand luggage. So you can clean the table yourself.

Remove his shoes. To really feel comfortable on a plane, frequent flyers swear by a comfortable neck pillow, sleep mask or blanket. And (very important) no shoes! Without shoes on, you immediately feel at home. Well, that impression is misleading. As clean as the floor may look, it really isn’t. If you don’t want bacteria on your feet, you better keep your shoes…