The aid received very soon by many households is on the rise.

This is “good news” for the wallets of many French households. Within a few days, a transfer will automatically arrive in the bank accounts of nearly 2 million people. And its amount is increasing: 635 euros (give or take a few cents). For beneficiaries, this is a much-awaited upgraded payment in the face of rising daily prices.

The Family Allowance Fund will in fact pay the Active Solidarity Income, which increases automatically from April 1, 2024. From now on, the 1,849,950 people who are beneficiaries will receive, each month, 635 euros, compared to 607, 35 euros so far. This represents a monthly increase of more than 27 euros, or an additional 324 euros per year for recipients’ budgets.

At a minimum, since the amounts increase depending on the family situation of the beneficiary. Being single or in a relationship does not give you the same rights, just like having or not having children. For example, a person on RSA with a dependent child will see the allowance increase by 42 euros, from 911.63 euros to 953.50 euros. As part of the increased RSA – granted to people in very precarious circumstances – this will be supplemented by almost 50 euros (€1088.45 compared to €1040.56 currently).

This revaluation of the RSA amount is automatic, linked to inflation experienced over the last 12 months. However, it goes without saying that this allowance does not offer a comfortable standard of living to the beneficiaries, far from it. Furthermore, for several weeks, his payment has been conditional on the exercise of 15 hours of activity per week.

It is not a question of working for free but of carrying out a set of various actions to try to find a job. This may involve administrative procedures, following training, participating in a recruitment fair or even doing a job interview. If, currently, this only concerns beneficiaries from 47 departments, this will be generalized to all of France from 2025.

As a reminder, the RSA is granted to the most deprived people, without resources. It is thus granted to those who do not work and do not receive unemployment. Its payment duration is unlimited in time, as long as the criteria to benefit from it are met.