We believe everyone should love their jeans. You should look in the mirror and say, “Wow, my jeans are fantastic!”

What do you think? While some jeans can be quite expensive, this pair of jeans is currently on sale for $13. It’s a real brand. Yes, there are great reviews. And yes, this is real life. These jeans can only be found at Walmart. Let’s discuss why they should be in your shopping cart.

These jeans/jeggings in ankle length are by Sofia Vergara, the beloved brand. These jeans/jeggings are high-waisted with a sleek, smooth design. They are pull-on, which means there are no zippers or buttons, and no pockets. They are all about a flattering fit with a bit of stretch and lots of style.

The Jeans have received over 500 reviews, with the overwhelming majority being five-star. They are “very flattering,” according to one reviewer. Others say they are “probably the most comfortable jeans they have ever worn.” They are, as one reviewer stated, “may even be more comfy than pajamas.” And they make your legs appear longer, which is why many shoppers agree that these jeans are “nothing less than perfect.”

There are six options for these jeggings. There are three colors of blue and a deep black. If you like rips and want one with or without distressed details, there are two blue options. All six pairs can be purchased for less than what you would pay for a single pair of jeans from another brand, even if they have worse reviews.

These jeans can be worn so easily, not only because they are easy to put on. These jeans will go with many outfits. Pair them with heels and a bodysuit, or with tall boots and an off-the shoulder sweater. You can pair it with high-top sneakers and a shacket, or with flats and a cami. You already know what you should do.

A deal like this means that some sizes are selling out in all versions. So make sure you grab your favorite(s) quickly! Only at Walmart