MISS LIMOUSIN 2023. Agathe Toullieu is the new beauty queen of Limousin and candidate for the Miss France election. But who is she?

[Updated October 6, 2023 at 2:52 p.m.] The Miss Limousin election was held on October 1, 2023, at the Zénith de Limoges. After several hours of shows and parades, it was finally Agathe Toullieu who won the sash and her ticket to participate in the Miss France election on December 16 in Dijon.

Originally from Corrèze, the new Miss Limousin is 21 years old. According to her Linkedin account, she studies finance when she’s not modeling. But her real passion seems to be music: she learned the piano when she was five years old, even doing her own covers of songs. She also became a DJ at her school. A real regular on the stage, which will certainly prove to be a significant asset for the Miss France election.

Every year, Miss Limousin elects a young woman to the Miss France beauty contest. Several candidates present themselves annually in the hope of becoming the ambassador of Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne. Since the creation of the Miss France competition, no Miss Limousin has yet won the crown.