It’s not surprising that celebrities have taken up nail art with everyone from Machine Gun Kelly and Harry Styles launching nail polish lines, and shows like Euphoria emphasizing nail art, it’s no surprise.

They are actually shaping the trends. Before you head to the salon to get your next set, scroll down to see our current collection of top colors, finishes, and designs.

How do you plan your Valentine’s Day look. You can take a leaf from Khloe Kimberly‘s book and choose an oval set that is appropriate for your theme. Pastel pink tips were the modern take on a French manicure. Three heart stickers were added by her!

KoKo isn’t the only Kardashian who has been improving her nail art skills in recent weeks. Kourtney Kim tried chrome nails out — and broke the internet.

42-year-old Poosh founder made it a point to match her silver nails with the bling on her fiance ‘s grill. This was done by Thomas Connelly, a dentist. The 46-year old drummer shared a picture of her mani and mouthpiece on his Instagram page. Naturally, there was a lot of discussion.

The Kardashian family has a significant influence on nail art trends, but we can’t forget to mention the impact of Euphoria. Season one was all about hairstyles and makeup. Season two is all about nails.

The actresses love nail art IRL as much as their characters on screen. Alexa demie is an example. Maddie Perez, the actress in the show’s main role, collaborated with Natalie Minerva, a nail artist, to create a “caged design” that featured strategically placed gems.

Although she was a bit grungy, her costar Sydney Sweeney channeled the flower child in her new look. Zola Ganzorigt, a nail artist, created a floral design for YSL’s ambassador. This design is easy to make — simply grab a few shades and order a dotting instrument!

Addison Rae

Glitz and glitter! In February 2022, Thuy Nguyen became TikTok’s nail artist to create a sparkling silver manicure.

Lana Condor

Just press and go! In February 2022, the actress of To All the Boys We’ve Loved Before took to Instagram Stories to showcase her Dashing Diva manicure. She captioned her post, “Abstract made simple.”

Sydney Sweeney

In February 2022, the Euphoria star posted her summery nails to Instagram Stories.

Megan Fox

The actress captioned her January 2022 Instagram photo, showing off her neon orange nails, “If I was the AP Literature teacher at Euphoria High,”

Alexa Demie

The actress who plays Maddie in Euphoria wore a “caged” look for HBO Max.

Jennifer Lopez

For a glittery manicure, Tom Bachick was the nail artist for Marry Me.