Smart Home alarm systems are useful to monitor one’s own four walls. The combination of motion sensors, camera and siren does not ensure a smart all-round protection when you are at home.

A intrusion detection systems, short EMA, notify the owner of the house take place via the App as soon as unusual activity in the house. There are door and window contacts, as this is one of the most common ways to get into the house. These systems warn and not to the fact that someone could break in, but that it is already happening.

Integrated alarm systems quickly and cost 5,000 Euro and more, if you want to protect a whole house. In the case of smart solutions for the self-installation, the upper limit is 2,000 Euro – the base station usually costs 100 to 400 euros. Systems with a subscription model and costs, however, on a monthly basis and another 5 to 15 Euro.

The choice of the device should always happen in terms of future safety, because the control panel determines which Sensors and actuators can be purchased.

Smart Home alarm systems in the Test

The test portal all the best has tested six new facilities, a total of 15 models were in the Test. New test winner the Abus Smartvest Set. This requires no subscription, the App is straightforward, and the processing of very high quality. The Smartvest Set can be had for around 250 Euro.

another recommendation is the Blaupunkt QPRO 6600. Here, too, the material quality, in addition, all actuators are already learning, which facilitates Installation. In addition, the web interface offers many configuration options. This Set is around 480 euros, but significantly more expensive.

How do you secure your house the best with Smart Home components, read in-depth Test of all the best.